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    On Monday, May 6, 2019 we will be conducting our Water Main flushing from 7:00PM-4:00AM.  As a result, you may experience discolored or cloudy water during the time of the flushing.  If you do experience any discolored or cloudy water, run your water for a few minutes until the water clears up. Please click here for additional information.

  • General Rate Increase


    On September 25, 2018, the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) in Docket D.P.U. 17-154 approved a general rate increase for Mountain Water Systems.  These rates are effective as of October 1, 2018.  A copy of the approved rates can be found on on the Mountain Water Systems website (www.mountainwatersystemsinc.com).  Please note that for the October 2018 water bills, the bills have been pro-rated from October 1, 2018-October 10, 2018 to reflect the new rates. Click here to view the new rates.

  • Ipad Sweepstakes Winner


    Congratulations to our iPad sweepstakes winner Dennis Irvine who won a brand new iPad!




  • Service Line Warranty Plan


    Our parent company, New England Service Company, offers customers an affordable way to protect their water line from costly repairs.  For details please visit https://newenglandservicecompany.com/service-sentinel.

  • 2018 NENAWC Scholarship Program



    New England Chapter

    National Association of Water Companies




    The New England Chapter – National Association of Water Companies (“NENAWC”) has established a scholarship for eligible high school students which will be administered through its Scholarship Committee.  It is the intention of the Committee to award the scholarship each year to a deserving candidate.

    Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

    For proper consideration, the application must be signed and dated by the applicant and received by the noted application deadline.  The following criteria must be met for scholarship consideration:

    1. Applicants will be a graduating High School Senior from an accredited High School or equivalent from any of the following states:  Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.
    2. Preference will be given to applicants who are actively pursuing an approved course of study at an accredited higher education institution directly related to Drinking Water, Water Engineering, Environmental Studies or Waste Water.
    3. An academic GPA of 3.0 at their high school is mandatory.  The relevance and rigor of the courses taken in high school shall be considered.





    To be considered for this year’s award, applications must be received by February 15, 2018.


    Applicants must submit a completed application form (signed and dated) and attach the following additional information:

    • An official transcript from their current academic institution, including transcripts from the first half of the senior year.
    • A typed and signed autobiographical sketch highlighting: accomplishments, interests, hobbies, future plans, your chosen field of study and if it will improve the environment, or public health, in particular the water industry, and explain the importance / impact the scholarship will have on you.

    The Award

    Through the generosity of the NENAWC Membership and Scholarship Committee, the scholarship award each year will be $1,500.

    The Scholarship Committee shall review all properly completed applications and make their recommendation to the Board.  The decision of the Board shall be final.  In the event that there are no qualified applicant(s), the Committee shall report such information to the Board and no Scholarship will be granted in that year.

    The successful applicant shall be notified of the decision of the Board and will be invited to attend a NENAWC meeting and/or event where the award shall be presented.


    Completed application must be returned by February 15, 2018 to:

    NENAWC Scholarship

    c/o Ms. Sheryl Fairchild

    Valley Water Systems

    37 Northwest Drive

    Plainville, CT  06062

  • Winter Weather Precautions


    Reminder: with the winter weather here be sure that your water meter and piping located in garages, on outside walls, or in closed-off areas receive sufficient warmth to keep them from freezing and all fire hydrants remain clear of snow.

  • Radio Read Meters


    Mountain Water Systems is implementing a radio based meter installation program that brings many state of the art efficiencies to the data collection process. Among these are labor savings in meter reading as well as the ability to obtain timely information such as the determination of water losses which are a measure of system integrity, to name a couple of examples. If you are contacted about replacement of your water meter please kindly call our office to set up an appointment. The installation takes no more than 20 minutes and is at no cost to you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  • Fire Hydrant Replacement


    On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 (with a rain date of Wednesday, October 18, 2017) we will be replacing two fire hydrants as we continue to improve your water system. As a result, we will have to turn the water off to replace these fire hydrants. The streets that will be affected are 500-730 South Main Street, all of Ashley Falls Road and all of Pike Road. We anticipate that your water will be off approximately between the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm. The water may be off longer due to unforeseen circumstances. We will work diligently to minimize the length of time the water will be off. Thank you for your cooperation.

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