After one hundred and twenty-one years of providing clean, safe, reliable drinking water to so many Town residents in that span of time, the French and Bartholomew families sold Sheffield Water Company in February of 2017. This was not an easy choice for them since their families constructed Sheffield Water Company with much hard work and personal dedication. The acquirer of the water system was Mountain Water Systems Inc. (MWS) which is devoting all its technical skills and management capabilities to ensure a continuation of the quality service provided over the past several decades.

MWS, which is a subsidiary of New England Service Company (NESC), will provide significant management, operational, and engineering resources while having increased access to capital markets all of which will ultimately benefit you, our customer. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 230-4251.

Very truly yours,

Sheryl Fairchild, President
Mountain Water Systems, Inc.



Our Staff

Travis A. Helming, Operations Supervisor of NESC. Mr. Helming holds a BS in Natural Resource Management from UCONN. He has been employed by NESC since 2006. He holds a Class III CT Water Treatment & Distribution license, a CT Backflow Preventor/Cross Connection license, a MA Class II Water Treatment & Distribution license and a MA Backflow Preventor Tester license.

Lutz H. Bolte, Operations and Maintenance / Project Manager of NESC. Mr Bolte has been employed by NESC since 2016. He holds a Backflow Preventer Tester license.

Michael Slusz, Office Manager. Mr Slusz holds a B.A. in Accounting and has been with NESC since 2016.